Let's talk about ABS... A Better Stomach

Join me on my road to abs. ABS as in, A Better Stomach. If actual abs come out of the deal, fantastic! However, my focus will be on creating a healthier lifestyle overall and combating my diastasis recti if that’s even possible. Those that know me know that I’ve always been active but it’s time to get intentional. I have very specific body goals (which I’ll keep to myself to avoid the snubs). Petite doesn’t = perfect regardless of what society tells us. My @teyanataylor body and @ec_fitness.lifestyle meal prep goals are important now more than ever not just because I’ve had a baby but because I’m getting older, my metabolism has changed, I need to look good naked for the hubby and frankly I love @krispykreme and we don’t plan on breaking up any time soon. I’m seeking the best formula for Chanel to #eatbetter #lookbetter and ultimately #feelbetter. Special thanks to my @fit4mom_columbus_east village for the support in this journey. The encouragement to stay physically fit has been great but the community of moms has been even better!

Motherhood is being your best you...for you.

For more info on DR, Check out: http://blog.fit4mom.com/friday-fitness-with-farel-what-is-diastasis-recti