Cleaning Up Life's Little Messes DE Clutter Benefits & Challenge

Call it nesting, call it DE cluttering but whatever you call it, I promise your mind and home will thank you!!! I just want to start out by saying that I am not a minimalist (I would like to be and I am trying to get there) and I am not a professional by any means. I am just a Mom of a toddler boy and a little girl on the way, who can’t STAND the CLUTTER anymore!!!

There are so many benefits both mentally/physically and financially that I wanted to tell all my friends and fellow Mama’s about it!! And that is why I decided to come up with the “Clean up Life’s little Messes DE clutter Challenge”. This is an easy 6 day challenge that will relieve you of the messes that are all around your house. Check out some of the benefits below to see if you want to join in this week!!!

#1 Less Anxiety – I don’t know about you but a giant mess and clutter gives me some serious anxiety. I quickly realized that my feeling of frustration/defeat was coming from all the “stuff” around me. The first time I chose to DE clutter it was as if a weight was lifted off my chest that I didn’t even realize was there. There was such a sense of accomplishment after I removed the things I didn’t need in my life anymore.

#2 Financial benefit – With all the website selling walls, garage sales, craigslist posts etc that are readily available to us, it is easy to find items around your house that you no longer need, and make a little extra money from it!!! Who wouldn’t love that?? The last time I went through my house and got rid of furniture and things I didn’t need I was able to make well over $400!!! Just because I couldn’t use certain items, didn’t mean someone else couldn’t!! So whether its Facebook selling wall, a garage sale or a girlfriends swap (clothing/baby items) it’s a great way to De Clutter AND make some fun money to make memories!!!

#3 More Time to Focus on What is Important- I can’t tell you how many times a day I needed to dust/clean/organize the “stuff” around my house. I would put off play time with my son because once again, Mommy needed to clean. What kind of life is that??? My goal as a Mom is to enjoy every sweet moment I have while my kid(s) are little and around!! I quickly realized that this was one of the most important reasons I decided to just get rid of items we didn’t need anymore. I’m able to be more present and in the moment with him a lot more than I was before.

#4 Enjoy Life- I realized that I don’t need to fill my house with the latest and greatest. My goal is to fill my home with necessities, the occasional luxury and lots and lots of memories. No one is going to remember that thing they once bought, but we will remember the experience we had, the reaction on our kids faces when we take them to the park or on vacation, and the feeling we get when Mom & Dad get to go on a carefree date night! Those are the things I want to look back on and not what IPHONE is out and how many cute cases I can get and store in my house.

If you've been dreaming of a slow and intentional life, you can start living that life today! Pursuing the DE Clutter Challenge changes things both mentally and physically and change can be scary, so I'm here to help & you can follow my organization tips/DE cluttering each day on our IG stories.