Top 10 Activities to keep kids entertained in the Stroller

One of the most commonly asked questions as an instructor of Stroller Strides is, " How will I be able to keep my child entertained in the stroller??"

Well, aside from the songs & stimulation each child normally gets from a class without having stroller activities, there are TONS of different things we can bring or make for our little ones to keep them entertained while you get in a great workout!!

Below, is a list of some of the fun activities I found that have worked with my little one and a link or directions for each activity.

1. Snacks & Drinks- Use small containers that will fit in the stroller cup holders or tray and bring a small variety so your little one never gets bored!!

2. Corn Shaker Bottles - Join us for Playgroup on 11/7 & we'll show you how!!!

3. Sensory Bags & Bottles - Bottle: Use water or Rice as your base & fill with small figurines/beads/clips or anything your child loves!! Bags- Use a sandwich style bag and fill with paint/shaving cream/ cooked pastas/ water beads & more...the possibilities are endless)

4. Video on Phone or Portable Kids DVD player (if they only watch TV for 60 minutes a day, why not let it be during Stroller Strides :)

5. Bubbles or Bubble Wrap

6. Busy Boards- purchase from Etsy or DIY (Use thin wood board/locks/switches/wood figures/etc.) or

7. Coloring activity or Drawing Board

8. Toddler Fidget Cubes - (Either Purchase off Etsy or DIY at home)

9. Homemade Abacus-

10. Pipe Cleaner Game -

Give these a try and we will see you at the next Stroller Strides!!!