How to have a Stress Less Holiday!

I simply LOVE the holidays but the holiday season can make me a BIT stressed out. There’s decorating and cleaning, cooking and entertaining, having guests at your house…the list is endless. But what if I told you; you could have a less stressed Holiday with a few simple tips? You would think I’m crazy!! But I have practiced them all myself. Check out my TOP 5 tips to a “Stress Less Holiday” and in the words of, The Bad Moms Christmas, “we’re taking back the holidays” J

1. Plan Ahead

I can’t stress this one enough. Planning ahead sets the tone for a smooth holiday. Here are some of the examples that I use to plan ahead:

- Set a budget

- Make a Menu & Grocery/Shopping List

- Finalize your guest list

- House TO DO List: This is only if there are some last minute touch ups or things you want to have done before your guests arrive.

2. Declutter

Each season I go through everything in my house (Closets, Bedrooms, Basement, Living Room, ETC) and I get rid of or sell items that we no longer need. There is no greater feeling than releasing myself of all the unnecessary items that clutter my house. It is a great way to see what you have/need, make a little money around the holiday season & you get such a feeling of accomplishment that I actually look forward to the days I declutter. I do break it down into days or sections so I don’t feel overwhelmed tackling the mess.

- Day 1: Morning- All Closets

- Day 1: Afternoon- Bedrooms

- Day 2: Basement

- Day 3: Kitchen/Living Room

- Day 4: Bathrooms

- Day 5: Garage/Yard Toys

3. Ask for Help

This is a tough one for Moms to do because we like to seem like we have everything under control 100% of the time. I totally get it but I have quickly learned that asking for help is SOO much better around the holidays than stressing over doing everything myself and dreading the season.

- Have local family bring over the sides or desserts

- If family is staying over your house, have them help with the kids

- Have family bring activities for the evening

4. Just say “NO”

Remember that the holiday season is only as stressful as we make it and saying no isn’t mean or selfish, it is necessary! Don’t allow yourself to be over extended or you will always dread the holidays and that won’t be fun for you or your family. Only do what you can and keep your expectations low. But most importantly enjoy every moment of the holiday season.

5. Take Care of YOU

This is such an important piece for all of these tips. Even during the holidays, it is so important to take care of yourself. If Momma isn’t happy, No one is happy!! Remember, to allow yourself grace, enjoy some alone time & remember to keep your thoughts positive. You have got this Momma!!! I mean c’mon, if the turkey comes out less than perfect, you have some amazing laughs for years to come .

Want more tips to stay sane? Here are a few other recommendations by our Founding Mama, Lisa:

  • If sending gifts via mail, go to the post office ahead of time and get boxes and tape early so you're prepped and prepared when it comes time to start wrapping and mailing gifts out
  • Research delivery and shipping deadlines and policies ahead of time; Amazon, USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc...
  • Schedule in a holiday bucket list. Put it in your calendar to do festive activities with your family, friends, or just yourself.
  • Take a few hours to declutter; are Thanksgiving leftovers still lurking in the fridge two weeks after the holiday? Get them out! Toss out expired condiments, baked goods, etc.
  • Take a little time to make a little room in your life by making a simple to-do list
  • Make and freeze meals ahead of time so you have things to eat or serve to your family even if you've been out late holiday shopping or are putting in overtime at work.
  • Remember to create a family tradition and stick to it!
  • Don't hold yourself to sending out Christmas cards if it's too overwhelming with all the other holiday hustle and bustle; It’s okay to send New Year’s cards! There are many apps or online sites that make sending e-cards or paper cards pretty easy!
  • Find more tips to get out of overwhelm in The Empowered Mama,
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