Holiday traditions to start with your kids

As a lover of all things Christmas, I didn't think there would be anything else that would make this holiday season any better... well I was wrong. I think Christmas time is Sooo much better now that I get to celebrate the holidays with my own little family and kids. Seeing my little one see Christmas lights, snow and presents is the absolute best!

I was thinking of some really great holiday traditions that we can start as a family! And here is what I came up with:

  1. Christmas Eve Box- every Christmas Eve we will open a box that will have a brand new ornament, Christmas PJs, Movie and favorite snack!
  2. Pizza night & cookie decorating- this is great before the holidays (maybe first day off of school). Everyone rolls out their own dough, adds their own toppings (sauce, cheese, meats, veggies) and we bake & eat! Also, throwing in some cookies to decorate with holiday music in the background just makes for a super special day!
  3. A book A day- same concept of 25 days of Christmas but with children's holiday books. Use ones you have at home, get some new ones and each night you read a book as a family before bed.
  4. Making Holiday Ornaments- when I was younger we would make a new ornament every year for the Christmas tree and it was one of my favorite things to do. Just head to the craft store and pick up ceramic or glass ornaments, paint, markers, etc. and put them on your tree each year. It's such a sweet memory to have each year as your little ones grow older. We always dated the back of the ornament!
  5. Gingerbread house contest- this is a fun one to get family, friends & neighbors involved!! Everyone decorates their own gingerbread house, or in teams. At the end, you vote on which one is best and the winner gets a fun little surprise. Or just enjoy the night decorating.. cough: eating all the candy and icing 😳
  6. Seeing all the lights- I remember as a kid my family and I would drive around and look at ALL the holiday lights. Now that I'm a mom I love it even more! Taking your little one to see all the lights whether it's driving around the neighborhoods, going to zoo lights or at the malls, it's so much fun to see their reactions. So grab some hot cocoa and your loved ones!!!

I'm so happy I could share some great family traditions with you during the holidays! What is your favorite???