Fit at Forty- It really is just a number!


They say “age is just a number”. Well, it was the enemy for me! When I laid down at night, all I heard was tick tock - tick tock…the sound of my expiring clock and I wanted nothing more than to be a mom.

After years of struggling with infertility, treatments after treatments, and miscarriage, it was hard not to feel defeated. Every year around my birthday, I just wanted to hide in a dark corner and cry. But not this year! There was a light at the end of the tunnel and my story has a great ending! At 39, I became a MOM! We adopted our sweet son at birth in July 2016. It was my ammo to become the healthiest and strongest version of me!

I had many distractions through the years. But NOW, I have such a desire to be an example of health to my very active son! I was drowning in depression, sorrow eating, laziness and the list goes on but this mama doesn’t have time for that now!

Hi, I’m Courtney, co-owner of FIT4MOM Columbus East. I’m always happy to share my story. After years of working in corporate America, it was time to pursue my true passion! And I am lucky enough to work with an amazing group, FIT4MOM that has allowed me to be a full time mama, while leading other ladies in daily fitness classes. The bonus: meeting cool moms and having my son surrounded by playmates!

Forty, you don’t scare me. You motivate me! I may be the oldest in my village, raising my baby…. but I accept the challenges it presents! I am stronger now, than I was at 30!

I would like to encourage all you mama’s (no matter your age) to keep chasing your dreams. It’s never too late! I stand here thankful for all the past challenges that made me who I am today because it allows me to be surrounded by an amazing village.

So if your looking to be encouraged and are looking for a healthier lifestyle, Join us today!

January is my birthday month; you better believe I celebrate now!

New Year, NEW YOU- let’s change the world!