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Exercising during pregnancy!!

“You shouldn’t be lifting that..”

“You need to put your feet up and rest”

“Eat what you want, you’re eating for two!”

And if you have ever carried a baby around in utero for 9 months I am sure you can add to that list. Family, friends and even strangers are more than happy to share their opinions on what you need to be doing or not doing. Thankfully, and with a lot of help from social media, moms are starting to decide for themselves what they can and cannot do. And one thing they are deciding that they can do, is exercise!

I won’t go into all the details, it’s a small novel, but I have been blessed with a beautiful little boy who is now 16 months old. I was working full time and did not exercise for majority of my pregnancy.

35 pounds later and 7 weeks postpartum I found myself in Stroller Strides. I was eager to work out regularly, eat better, and the extra weight started coming off. It was awesome! I had never felt better, but definitely thought that had I stayed active during my pregnancy, the post baby weight would have been A LOT easier to come off. Now I’m definitely a ‘glass half full’ person, so I've been repeating to myself, “it will be great, it’s all good, this will be my best pregnancy ever when I have baby #2!” And you know what?! IT TOTALLY WILL! Because, in all "realness" it was MUCH harder getting the weight off than I had ever imagined and I want to give myself the best possible postpartum experience EVER!!!

This is why I am so passionate about introducing and teaching our prenatal course, Fit4Baby. I want all the soon to be mommas out there to have the outlet to workout, make relationships and have support the way I wanted when I was pregnant.

If you have your doubts about prenatal fitness then check out this amazing podcast which goes into detail about working out during pregnancy with our very own, Farel Bischoff Hruska. She weighs in about the myths surrounding prenatal fitness & has a bunch of supportive information on prenatal fitness & how women can really start embracing their #strengthinmotherhood.

How have you stayed active during a pregnancy? What was the biggest benefit you saw?