7 types of Stroller Strides Mamas

The other day I was working out at Stroller Strides and I realized that no two moms in my group were alike. I couldn’t help but look around and start thinking of the diverse types of moms that come to spend their morning sweating it out with me. Here’s what I saw that morning.

The Preparer Mom - She's the mom that you can count on to pull an extra toy, snack, wipe, diaper, towel, batteries, etc out of her Mary Poppins stroller. She's the one we all wonder about. How does she do it? We are all so thankful for her on those days when we run out of wipes.

The Just Be Happy I’m Here Mom - She's always barely on time, meaning 5 minutes late. She's just glad to be out of the house and we are all secretly excited to hear the latest story of morning chaos.

The Rainbows and Butterflies Mom - She loves everyone! She knows all of the mother’s names and their children's names. She always remembers to ask about your latest problem, vacation, or triumph. She is just full of rainbows and butterflies! We all envy her skills and happiness. For this we all love her more than we would like to admit.

The New Mom - Her dark circles and half brushed hair slung back in a mess loosely referred to as a pony tail always gives her away. She checks her stroller at least 5 times during class and cringes every time a child begins to cry. She needs us most.

The Veteran Mom - She is all knowing and always welcoming. She can spot a new mom from the parking lot. She has no fear when it comes to inviting the moms on the playground to Stroller Strides. She is probably the reason we all ended up attending our first class and for that we are forever grateful.

The Dinosaur Mom – She earned her name because we all thought that she was extinct. She has three or more kids all under the age of 8. She isn’t frazzled and her kids are all calm and happy playing with their toys and eating their snacks. We all beg for her secrets and ask her how she has managed to survive extinction.

The Left the Kids Behind Mom – She’s free. Her stroller is empty so running is a breeze. She left the kids behind with grandma or dad and plans to stop at Target for a “few” items, including her Starbucks coffee treat, on the way home. Take us with you!

We love all of our Mommas! So which one are you??