6 Tips to Remain Confident (or Gain Confidence) during pregnany

“Are you sure you aren’t carrying twins?”

“You’re only half way there?”

“You got so BIG”

These are unfortunately statements most pregnant women have heard before, including myself. While I’m positive every person who said these words didn’t intend to hurt my feelings or take a shot at my already injured confidence, they did. It took some time but then I realized, I’m growing a frigin HUMAN and creating the most precious life in the ENTIRE world. And my confidence began to grow again because my body is strong enough to carry and protect the only people who matter most in this world, my children.

But sometimes you need just a little more, so check out my 6 tips and ways to stay confident throughout your pregnancy.

1. Let yourself enjoy this pregnancy. This may be the easiest and hardest part of pregnancy. There will be times you feel uncomfortable throughout the 9 months in your journey but try to keep your mind on the entire positive. Embrace your beautiful growing body and enjoy each moment, each growing inch of your belly and embrace watching the beauty that is growing within you!

2. Wear undergarments that make you feel confident, girly and maybe even SEXY J It is amazing what some seriously cute undies can do to boost the way you feel about yourself and trust me, your husband will love this idea!

3. Concentrate on the end result.. Your beautiful baby! When you’re feeling down spend some time shopping for baby clothes, registering, and putting together the baby’s nursery or closet. It is easy to distract yourself because there is a lot you need to do before your little one arrives.

4. Educate yourself. This is something that I didn’t really do with my first pregnancy. But with my second it’s important to educate yourself on the stages of your pregnancy, your newborn and breastfeeding (If you decide to breastfeed).

5. Stay Active!! It is so important to nourish your body and increase oxygen and circulate blood through exercise. With doctor clearance you could spend time walking, doing yoga and participating in prenatal fitness classes. FIT4Baby is a great 6 week prenatal course that is instructed by certified instructors that can help you with your ever changing body.

6. Spend time with your husband, spouse or partner. This is SOO important because let’s face it, when that beautiful bundle joins you, its harder to find the time to just be together. Go on walks, dates, register at stores, movies, at home dates, dinners, the suggestions are endless. Just be with one another, as much as you can, it will only strengthen your relationship with your spouse.

And there you have it, 6 easy tips and ways to stay confident or build confidence during pregnancy. Just remember – You are beautiful, confident and if you ever need a friend/support- check out your local FIT4MOM and I promise you will meet a great group of women/mamas who will understand every inch of your journey. #AINTNOMAMALIKEAPREGOMAMA