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Meet Our Village members Erin & Jessica. These well traveled mama's want to share with you the must have items before you get on that plane, cruise, train and road trip!

Traveling with an infant or toddler can be challenging and even stressful. However, I have found using the following items to be extremely helpful when traveling with a little one.

1. Light Weight Car Seat for Flying

I know infants and toddler can travel for free on your lap until they are 2, but I would recommend purchasing a seat for any flight longer than 2 hours. Managing a wiggling toddler on your lap for a long flight can be exhausting. Also, you don’t want to kill yourself carrying a heavy car seat through the airport. I recommend using the Cosco Scenera NEXT Convertible Car Seat. It is light weight, certified for airline use, and super cheap!

a. Where to find: Walmart, BuyBuy Baby, Amazon, and Target

2. Car Seat Travel Cart

The best way I have found to get your car seat through the airport is to roll it on the Britax car seat travel cart. Any...

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Silly Question? Not Really! Parents, your stroller (and your baby) is a new and perfect workout! Pushing your stroller can be MUCH more than a way to get can be a wonderful way to get in shape after your baby makes their entrance into your lives! There are numerous resources showing the amazing benefits to your fitness level when you walk or run with your stroller.

HOW your push your stroller, however, is VERY important. If you aren't pushing it in good alignment and form, you could cause more injury than gain fitness benefits. A 2009 New York Timesarticle has great points about the importance of good form from exercise physiologists and FIT4MOM: “Running mechanics change and targeted muscles are trained differently while pushing a stroller,” said...



They say “age is just a number”. Well, it was the enemy for me! When I laid down at night, all I heard was tick tock - tick tock…the sound of my expiring clock and I wanted nothing more than to be a mom.

After years of struggling with infertility, treatments after treatments, and miscarriage, it was hard not to feel defeated. Every year around my birthday, I just wanted to hide in a dark corner and cry. But not this year! There was a light at the end of the tunnel and my story has a great ending! At 39, I became a MOM! We adopted our sweet son at birth in July 2016. It was my ammo to become the healthiest and strongest version of me!

I had many distractions through the years. But NOW, I have such a desire to be an example of health to my very active son! I was drowning in depression, sorrow eating, laziness and the list goes on but this mama doesn’t have time for that now!

Hi, I’m Courtney, co-owner of FIT4MOM Columbus East. I’m always happy to share my story. After years of working in corporate America, it was time to pursue my...


“Are you sure you aren’t carrying twins?”

“You’re only half way there?”

“You got so BIG”

These are unfortunately statements most pregnant women have heard before, including myself. While I’m positive every person who said these words didn’t intend to hurt my feelings or take a shot at my already injured confidence, they did. It took some time but then I realized, I’m growing a frigin HUMAN and creating the most precious life in the ENTIRE world. And my confidence began to grow again because my body is strong enough to carry and protect the only people who matter most in this world, my children.

But sometimes you need just a little more, so check out my 6 tips and ways to stay confident throughout your pregnancy.

1. Let yourself enjoy this pregnancy. This may be the easiest and hardest part of pregnancy. There will be times you feel uncomfortable throughout the 9 months in your journey but try to keep your mind on the entire positive. Embrace your beautiful growing body and enjoy each moment, each growing inch of your belly and embrace watching...


Over the years, I have tried many ways to stick to the goals I make for myself. Sometimes my goals are easily attainable and sometimes they require a lot of work but they always require a lot of determination. The first few weeks are easy, I am on a mission and I need to achieve my goals and nothing can stop me and then life gets busy, things change, moments of I can just wait until tomorrow or today is a cheat day, or other similar thoughts creep in and throw me off my game.

It took me a few years to realize that it has nothing to do with my goals changing but me not being able to see the finish line. Being able to visualize the finish line, and see what I am working for is the difference between wishing my goal would be successful and achieving my goal. That's exactly why I find vision boards so important in every aspect of my life. I attended a Vision Board workshop with Mesa Studios in 2016 and it changed my world.

My vision boards are focused on my goals and focused on how I want to feel. I love...


As a lover of all things Christmas, I didn't think there would be anything else that would make this holiday season any better... well I was wrong. I think Christmas time is Sooo much better now that I get to celebrate the holidays with my own little family and kids. Seeing my little one see Christmas lights, snow and presents is the absolute best!

I was thinking of some really great holiday traditions that we can start as a family! And here is what I came up with:

  1. Christmas Eve Box- every Christmas Eve we will open a box that will have a brand new ornament, Christmas PJs, Movie and favorite snack!
  2. Pizza night & cookie decorating- this is great before the holidays (maybe first day off of school). Everyone rolls out their own dough, adds their own toppings (sauce, cheese, meats, veggies) and we bake & eat! Also, throwing in some cookies to decorate with holiday music in the background just makes for a super special day!
  3. A book A day- same concept of 25 days of Christmas but with children's holiday books. Use ones you have at home, get...

The other day I was working out at Stroller Strides and I realized that no two moms in my group were alike. I couldn’t help but look around and start thinking of the diverse types of moms that come to spend their morning sweating it out with me. Here’s what I saw that morning.

The Preparer Mom - She's the mom that you can count on to pull an extra toy, snack, wipe, diaper, towel, batteries, etc out of her Mary Poppins stroller. She's the one we all wonder about. How does she do it? We are all so thankful for her on those days when we run out of wipes.

The Just Be Happy I’m Here Mom - She's always barely on time, meaning 5 minutes late. She's just glad to be out of the house and we are all secretly excited to hear the latest story of morning chaos.

The Rainbows and Butterflies Mom - She loves everyone! She knows all of the mother’s names and their children's names. She always remembers to ask about your latest problem, vacation, or triumph. She is just full of rainbows and butterflies! We all envy her skills and happiness. For this we...


I simply LOVE the holidays but the holiday season can make me a BIT stressed out. There’s decorating and cleaning, cooking and entertaining, having guests at your house…the list is endless. But what if I told you; you could have a less stressed Holiday with a few simple tips? You would think I’m crazy!! But I have practiced them all myself. Check out my TOP 5 tips to a “Stress Less Holiday” and in the words of, The Bad Moms Christmas, “we’re taking back the holidays” J

1. Plan Ahead

I can’t stress this one enough. Planning ahead sets the tone for a smooth holiday. Here are some of the examples that I use to plan ahead:

- Set a budget

- Make a Menu & Grocery/Shopping List

- Finalize your guest list

- House TO DO List: This is only if there are some last minute touch ups or things you want to have done before your guests arrive.

2. Declutter

Each season I go through everything in my house (Closets, Bedrooms, Basement, Living Room,...


I am so thrilled to have our Guest Blogger give YOU amazing tips on how to be MORE productive. This is something most Momma's need in our lives so check out all the information below!!!

Last week I polled all of the women in The Vine Women Facebook group.

The question that I asked was this . . .

"What would you like to learn more about or learn how to do?"

One of the answer options was how to be more productive .... and guess what!?

It crushed the competition.

So, I hear you ladies. You are not alone.

Discovering ways to be more productive have most definitely changed my life for the BETTER & I want to share with you my top tips!

Here are 5 tips that I've used in my own life to be more productive, to find more time, and to use that time well.

#1 Clean out your space

"Looking at too many things at once overloads your visual cortex and interferes with your brain’s ability to process information", the Journal of Neuroscience reports. This means...